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Earn Money Online Without Investment By Clicking Ads With Affiliate Marketing Websites

by Adam Smith
Affiliate marketing websites

Earn Money Online Without Investment By Clicking Ads

Earn money online without investment by clicking ads now its possible with affiliate marketing websites. On the internet, a lot of websites are available which give us the opportunity to earn money online without investment. So without investment earn money is now possible but you need have to be careful in choosing the affiliate marketing websites. To deal in with affiliate marketing websites here you are required to have own website, Where you can advertise for Affiliate marketing product to earn money online without investment by clicking ads”. Must Check Hack facebook account online and How to make fake id for facebook.

 Earn money online without investment

On the internet, a lot affiliate marketing websites are available, Which help you to ‘earn money online without investment by clicking ads‘ but the whole thing is that first, get ready with your website, where you can give ads according to your niche to earn money online by clicking ads. Visit on a Free virtual credit card and Free virtual debit card.

To make a website you are needed to pay a small amount from your pocket near about $20 and you can start your own business from today to earn money with affiliate marketing. To get affiliate marketing ads, you are required to contact the affiliate marketing websites authorized person. Or you can create an account and log in your account, read the process and follow the instruction from there to get the code to earn money online without investment by clicking ads with affiliate marketing websites.

To without investment earn money you need to keep update your website on the daily basis according to your target audience. Give them the best offer that they can influence more with your “affiliate marketing website” and when you will get clicked more on ads to buy product or services your chance increases to earn money online without investment by clicking ads. Available free tool trickVLC recording with a screen.

List of affiliate marketing websites to earn money online without investment by clicking ads

In below I have suggested the name of few listed company, Which deals with affiliate marketing website. These affiliate marketing networks have their own terms and condition based on the product and services. To earn money online without investment by clicking ads you need to choose your own niche and get affiliate marketing websites that which organization is offering more commission for your selected niche.

  • Amazon Associates
  • LinkShare
  • ShareASale
  • Google Affiliate Network
  • PeerFly

Above I have listed the name of few affiliate marketing websites networks, with them having more chance to earn money online without investment by clicking ads. In below I have focused little on each one.

Amazon Associates

Amazon Associates is the first visioned affiliate marketing website organization, who started in 1996. It helps more to earn money online without investment by clicking ads to website owners and website developers. When in market WordPress or Zoomla like website platform was not available. But now everyone has the same opportunity to without investment earn money who have the skill of coding or not.

Amazon Associates deals in various sectors and it has done such a great job by giving the opportunity of without investment earn money. In below check out their products and commission to earn money online without investment by clicking ads.

Name Description
Amazon Gift cards, Wine 0.00%
Video Games and Video Games Consoles 1.00%
Televisions 2.00%
PC, PC Components, DVD and Blu-Ray 2.50%
Toys 3.00%
Amazon Kindle Devices, Amazon Fire Tablet Devices 4.00%
Physical Books, Helth and Personal Care, Sports, Kitchen, Automotive, Baby Products 4.50%
Digital Music, Grocery, physical Music, Handmade, Digital Videos 5.00%
Outdoors, Tools 5.50%
Headphones, Beauty Instruments, Business and Industrial Supplies 6.00%
Amazon Echo Devices, Amazon Fire TV Devices 7.00%
Apparel, Jewelry, Luggage, Shoes, Handbags, and Accessories, Watches 7.00%
Furniture, Home, Home Improvement, Lawn and Garden, Pets Products, Pantry 8.00%
Digital Video Games, Luxury, Amazon Coins 10.00%
All other Categories 4.00%
Electronics Products 4%
Amazon MP3 Products 5%
Amazon Instant Video Products 5%
Game Downloads Products 10%
Gift Cards redeemable on Amazon 6.00%
Gift Cards Not redeemable on Amazon 4%
Amazon Coins 10%
Grocery Products (including Prime Panty) 4%
Video Game Console Products 1%
Headphones Products 6%
DVD Products 4%
Industrial Products and Products available on Amazosupply 8%
Products available on Myhabit 8%
Products available on amazon local 6%


Linkshare was established in 1996 by Stephen Messer and Heidi Messer is headquartered in New York City, with offices in San Francisco, Chicago, Tampa, Tokyo, and London. It claims to offer a maximum commission without investment earn money.  Linkshare is one of the big industry which is dealing for affiliate marketing websites networks and in Agust 12,2007 Bloomberg retrieved it and Bloomberg renamed to LinkShare as Rakuten LinkShare and also it has given slogan name Rakuten Affiliate Network.

Rakuten Affiliate Network is now bigger since it acquired from Linkshare. Now Rakuten Affiliate Network has spread over their foot in the various country such as- Australia, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, United Kingdom, United States and others Asian country to providing them the opportunity to without investment earn money and the most important part is Rakuten Affiliate Network commission vary with client to client. But anyway going with Rakuten Affiliate Network can have the chance of earn money online without investment by clicking ads because its network is large and it claims to pay more commission in compare with others affiliate marketing websites.

In below I shared a chart, Which alerts you that Rakuten Affiliate Network deals in how many sectors including with Informational Technology sector by providing such a nice opportunity to earn money with affiliate marketing.

A/B Testing Account-Based Marketing Advertising Networks Advocacy Marketing
Ad Creative Management Ad Exchanges Affiliate Advertising Networks Applicant Tracking Systems
Ad Servers Ad Verification and Optimization Appointment Scheduling Association Management
Appointment Scheduling Automotive Website Design and Development Services Blockchain
Call Tracking Camp Management Click-to-Call Comment Systems
Content Delivery Networks Content Marketing Corporate Learning Management Systems Customer Data Platforms
Customer Experience Management Customer Feedback Management Customer Relationship Management Customer Self-Service
DDoS Protection and Mitigation Data Management Platforms Demand Side Platforms Domain Name Services
E-Commerce Platforms Education Management Electronic Health Records Electronic Signatures
Email Delivery Email Hosting Email Marketing Email Security
Email Delivery Error and Exception Monitoring Event Management Fitness and Gym Management
Food Ordering and Delivery Frameworks and Libraries Fraud Detection and Prevention Fundraising and Donation Management
Header Bidding Healthcare Marketing Help Desk Hospitality Marketing
Hotel Management Hotel Reservations Job Board Software Job Boards
Lead Generation Legal Solutions Live Blogging Live Chats
Live Streaming Platforms Load Balancers Local Marketing Logistics
Loyalty and Gamification Mapping and GIS Marketing Analytics Marketing Automation
Marketing Data Providers Online Community Software Online Form Builders Online Review Management
Online Video Platforms Operating Systems Other Human Resources Software Payment Processing
Personalization Pre-Employment Assessment Product Data Feed Management Programming Languages
Real Estate Property Management Real User Monitoring Recruitment Marketing Recurring Billing
Restaurant Reservations Retargeting SSL Certificates Search Marketing
Shopping Carts Site Search Site and Cart Abandonment Size and Fit Prediction
Small Business Marketing Social Login Social Media Analytics and Monitoring Social Media Marketing
Social Sharing Spa and Salon Management Sports Management Sports Website Design and Development
Services Stock Images Providers Supply Side Platforms Tag Management
Ticketing Systems Tours and Activities Reservations Translation Video Advertising Networks
Visitor Counters Visual and User Generated Content Marketing Web Accelerators Web Analytics
Web Application Firewalls Web Conferencing Web Content Management Systems Web Design and Development Services
Web Fonts Web Hosting Web and Application Servers Website Builders


ShareASale is Affiliate Marketing Network placed in the River North neighborhood of Chicago, IL USA. Brian Littleton is president of ShareASale and he founded this organization in 2000.  After a few time, ShareASale achieved an award of AFP Fair Practice Award and also in January 2007 the Affiliate Summit Pinnacle Award for Affiliate Marketing Advocate.

ShareASale hosts 3900+ Affiliate marketing websites programs spanning in 50 different categories, With them, has also nice opportunity to earn money online without investment by clicking ads. Look below I have listed the name of all Affiliate marketing websites Programs.

Accessories –Jewelry-Cosmetics-Shoes Business- Office-Marketing-Productivity
Classifieds-E-commerce Solutions-ADS-B2B Art/Music/Photography (Music Reviews-Supplies)
Cars-Trucks-rentals-Supplies (Automotive) Hardware-Software-Peripherals (Computers/Electronics)
Auction Services (Automotive) Men’s-Women’s-Children’s (Clothing) (Computers/Electronics)
Online Dating Services Registration-Re-selling-Appraisals (Domain NAmes) (Computers/Electronics)
Banking-Trading-Loans-Credit(Financial) Flowers-Baskets-Cards-Candy (Gifts)
Children-College-Professional (Education) Freebies-Free Stuf (Rewards Programs)
Food-Specialty Items (Gourment) Babies-Kids-teens (Family)
Grocery (Food & Drink) Earth-Sustainability-Environment (Green)
Info-Nutrition-Cosmetics (Helth) Personal-Business-Home (Insurance)
Card games-Sweepstakes (Gaming & Lotto) Bed & Bath- Appliances-Pets (Home & Garden)
Employment-JobBoards-Benefits-Benefits  (Career &Jobs) Shopping Malls
Web Hosting Law Practices-Legel services
B2B-Networking-Internet Marketing (Marketing) Ebooks-Videos-Magazines (Books & Media)
Non-Internet-Outdoors (Recreation) Exercise- Fantasy Games (Sports/Fitness)
Related to Military (Military) Kids Toys-Online Games-Puzzles (Games & toys)
Home Movers-Trucks-Services (Moving Supplies) Optimization-Promotion (Search Engine Submission)
Airfare-Hotels-Booking-Cars (Travel) Banner Ads-Protection Privacy (General Web Services)
Scripts- Admin- Tracking (Webmaster Tools) Anything To Do With The Big Day (Weddings)

Google Affiliate Network

Google Affiliate Network was the affiliate marketing Websites organization, Which is founded by Chicago, Illinois (1998)  and after a short time period, it bought by Google in  April 2007 for $3.1 billion. Now its known as Google Adsense.

Today we all know that with Google Adsense has the more chance of earn money online by clicking ads because in comparison with other Affiliate marketing websites it pays more than the others but the big problem is getting Google Adsense approval is difficult than others Affiliate marketing websites organizations. If you are willing to know about terms and conditions of Google Adsense. So please visit the page of Google Adsense to earn money online without investment by clicking ads.


PeerFly deals with sales and in Marketing and it established on Dec 1, 2008, placed Alachua, Florida, United States. Especially it works in Website design, branding, customer acquisition, commission-based sales. Also, PeerFly working with various multinational companies such as Uber, Apple, Didi Chuxing, Airbnb, Netflix, Xiaomi, Coinbase, SpaceX, BuzzFeed, Lyfy, Google, Tesla, Ant Financial, Jd, Kickstarter, Magic Leap and all together it’s above 50 multinational companies. If you are looking the list of all multinational company so click on the shared link.

PeerFly has more than 50 investors in all over the world, Which partner list also I have shared so if you are interested visit on the link of PeerFly.

Categories:- Advertising, Affiliate Marketing

Founded Date:–  Dec1, 2008

Operating Status:– Active

Number of Employees:– 1 to 10

Step Process without investment earn money

To earn money online by clicking ads working with affiliate marketing websites methods are so simple. To work with it you are not needed to do a lot of stuff if you are ready along with your website.

  • Decide your niche market
  • Get ready for Website.
  • Take list 2 or 3 months to rank your website.
  • Make an account of affiliate marketing websites network.
  • Request them to get the code.
  • Place those Ad Code in the appropriate place to your website that a maximum number of people get attract with your marketing ads and you can increase your chance to people click on ads that you have more to earn money from an online website.
The video for how to get work with affiliate marketing websites

In below video, I have recorded each and every step process that how to work with to Affiliate marketing websites to earn money online without investment by clicking ads. Above I have suggested you some name of affiliate marketing networks, which is far good in comparing others and if you have some better choice of affiliate marketing networks so you can stick with that.

Final words earn money online without investment by clicking ads with affiliate marketing websites

On above I have listed few affiliate marketing websites network, Which helps people to earn money online without investment by clicking ads. Appart from those listed networks on the internet a lot more affiliate marketing websites networks are available, this is your own choice that with which networks you are sticking.

Before selecting the networks to check your niche that how much commission you are getting for your marketing.

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