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How to design invitation cards on your own, without hiring a professional?

by rahulpandey

Don’t you think we all have started overlooking our old traditions where we used to share our happy moments with our loved ones? There are many situations when we leave a plain text message to the guests that we want to invite. And we receive a message sorry we can’t come – because of some particular reason. The fault is not in the schedule, and you should not take it negatively why they can’t make time for you. However, you must consider the way of inviting them. 


Gone are the days when you send fascinating invitation cards, and it insists on the guests to make time for you. That is what the world has forgotten. Of course, not everyone wishes to spend on hiring a professional designer. But don’t you think you can make use of online invite card maker apps? Yes, it is a brilliant idea to add perfection to your life. Let’s learn more about how it can be a good thing for you. Read on!

Tips to Designing Exceptional Invitation Cards On Your Own

Invitations imply more than merely telling people that they have to get asked by a host to follow an event. It also acts as the event’s reminder that people hold. Consistent after the event has been held, people can put a flash on how pleasurable those moments were. In the following, we will talk about everything you need to create visually-appealing invitation cards. Below, you will explore a list of the measures on how you can build your invitation cards, and after that, we also include a group of invitation card templates that you can save. So, without stretching the conversation. Let’s get straight into it!

Create an outline of your invitation card.

So, the first thing that you have to do is preplanning so you won’t get stuck at any point. It is one of the most crucial steps in making ideal invitation cards. When it gets to the content, this holds the invitation message, the date and time, the lane address of the forum, and a catchy statement. Jot these down on a piece of paper to function as your guide when you kickstart the designing process.

Access an invitation card maker free app

So, here’s what can save your money, time, and efforts and let you create professional invitations. Choose the best invitation card maker free app. Download it from the play store and install it on your phone. Generally, these invite card maker apps work best for designing your invitations as they can be best for making almost every type of invitation for any event. 


Users can create an invitation that is incomprehensible to decline. With an invite card maker app, you can have an extensive range of online invitation templates—created by professionals—you will be starting your event off on the correct note. These apps offer a user-friendly environment where you can feel comfortable while designing. 

Look for an excellent template.

Another step to creating an invitation card on your own is choosing a template. Once you select a template from the premade gallery, drop your details, customize the pictures, shades, and fonts styles. If you got something specific in your head. Then positively design from scratch on a blank canvas. Tighten down your hunt by selecting the exact occasion the invite is for. Select the invite template that serves your preferences by adding keywords that get matched to your theme, hue motif, attitude, and class.

Drop images & text

The next step is to make the right use of images and text. If you are designing an invitation for a party, you should keep the text and images according to the theme. You can also consider the seasonal vibes to set an appealing experience. You can use the drag-and-drop toolkit options to select an image, illustrations, colors, text, or other elements and drag them to your layout. Spice up your invite by dropping text crates and utilizing the animation and image effects highlights.

Customize a Bit More to sprinkle creativity

The next step is all about customizing until it becomes according to your preferences. Drop your photos, prints, and artwork. Pick your scene, font type, and color combo. Scramble elements, resize words and pictures, copy or delete elements and resume to test with your layout.

Print or Share on the Go

Last but not least. It is time to save your design and share it with your loved ones and the people you want to invite. There is no need to put yourself in the hassles of traveling to deliver the invites or going out to the post office, you can do this with just a click. Once you are done, you can transfer your invitations online in a few taps. Or, you can save and print them out with the Print options present in the invite card maker app.


So, readers, this is how to design invitation cards on your own without hiring a professional. Follow the steps mentioned above and add perfection to your happy moments on the go. 

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