Delete For Everyone WhatsApp Messages New Feature Launched With Live Location Share

Delete For Everyone WhatsApp Messages

Today WhatsApp new feature is up and rolling. Before a day WhatsApp announced that now it adds more feature called as “Delete for everyone” with “live location share”. Also, check HOW TO TRACK CELL PHONE LOCATION ON GOOGLE MAP BY EMAIL FREE WITHOUT APPS. This is a great sound for WhatsApp users that WhatsApp has handed over this new features called as delete for everyone WhatsApp message along with live location share. WHATSAPP LIVE LOCATION SHARE FEATURE HERE HOW TO USE.

Delete for everyone

In order to bring into the picture, this latest WhatsApp feature called as delete for everyone WhatsApp messages you don’t have to download and install any of apps from google play store. This latest features called Delete for everyone WhatsApp message is now available on every WhatsApp. Also check How To Change Font In WhatsApp Typing Trick To Text Format, Font Style, And Font Color

Before a few days back when WhatsApp feature delete for everyone was unavailable, then WhatsApp users were struggling to delete delivered the message and they were frustrating to delete those messages. After faces, a long time complains now WhatsApp has introduced this latest features called as “delete for everyone WhatsApp message”.

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So to “Delete for everyone WhatsApp message” you have some more list of function introduced by WhatsApp. This all available functions can force to stick more to the WhatsApp users with it.

Benefits of delete for everyone WhatsApp messages

WhatsApp feature delete for everyone “Delete for everyone WhatsApp message” has a lot of benefits and to describe for each one is not possible. But anyway let’s focus on few important ones. This WhatsApp latest feature called Delete for everyone WhatsApp users can use to delete that delivered messages Text messages, Images, and Videos.

So above I have noted that what are the kinds of messages you can delete after used this latest WhatsApp feature named as “Delete for everyone”.

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How to delete for everyone WhatsApp messages

To use this latest “WhatsApp feature delete for everyone” you don’t have to go for the premium version. The most important thing is that to use this latest “delete for everyone WhatsApp feature” just update your WhatsApp to get a new version of WhatsApp.

Once you update your WhatsApp you will a lot of newly added features along with Delete for everyone.  This all features I have listed down below, all those features are awesome and helps to remove your WhatsApp restrictions. After WhatsApp update, you will have more new features likewise.

  • Delete for everyone WhatsApp message.
  • Live location share.
  • WhatsApp media sharing.
  • WhatsApp two-step verification.

So now you can see all new features which I have listed on above. This all is very awesome WhatsApp features, But in this tutorial, I am talking about to “Delete for everyone WhatsApp features” so I am sticking with it rather than going to focus on another one.

So after update WhatsApp to engage with “delete for everyone” WhatsApp users will get three options likewise.

  • Delete for me.
  • Cancel.
  • Delete for everyone.

So in listed features under the Delete for everyone all are self-explanatory. And the most important things is that also read the “WhatsApp live location share” article, Which I have written before. It is also WhatsApp useful features.

Final words Delete for everyone WhatsApp messages

I hope this all latest features which I have noted above, all WhatsApp users will like it. In this tutorial, only I have listed the important one WhatsApp features. Share this article that can reach more hand to engage with it.

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