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Data Stealing Apps On Google Play Store: Why?

by Adam Smith

Data Stealing Apps On Google Play Store

Hacking is an art, Which comes after plenty of research done similarly like draw a painting. On google play store many data-stealing apps are available, Which is uncountable and those all data-stealing work is quite simple and quick with a phenomenal output to stealing data from your Android social media marketing apps such as Whatsapp, Facebook, Pinterest, Stumbleupon, and Mx player also, many others are there in a row. This research report prepared by the Japanese cyber security company.

Google play store data hacking software

These all hacking or data stealing apps works on a single agenda to find vulnerability test of your Android mobile, computer and for network security. May they have many causes for designing or developing these data-stealing apps, but one of the main factor in developing those apps is to improve their phenomenal unexpected performance, Which makes user habitual of it by linking more those data-stealing android apps.

As we have entered into high tech zone. So may these data-stealing apps have reasonable cause going for vulnerability testing of your android social media and marketing apps.

Most of the users may have experienced that how data hacking work In progress. Still few have left out making their own concept that how the data-stealing work in the picture. So you may have remembered the news on September and October 2016 – Presidential election that how in election facebook data helped to the gamble to win Donald Trump, Which news took plenty of time flashing out into the market

So to prevent such things on May 27, 2018, European launched a rule of GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation, Which is now followed by most of the counties.

Data-stealing apps on google play store

Now let’s make it so simple, hold your Android phone and run any online apps such as Mx Player. Using Mx Player watch any online movies. Now after a certain period of time, you will see plenty of similar movies will have appeared in your row to watch your favorite movies.

These all success achieved after penetration test checking by vulnerability test, Which is now named as digital forensic or in digital social media marketing.

Meanwhile doing a penetration test helped to find out the vulnerability of our Android phone, Computer and also network security, Which has achieved marvelous success to improve performance. Their most success is shaking with the cloud by stealing data, Which opportunity we have gifted to them by known or unknown.

Similarly, some unknown malware software also developed to cause damage or crashing our computer system and client network server. ‘ANDROIDOS_MOBSTSPY’ is a name of the malware which has been discovered by security researchers at Trend Micro. In own research report, has listed out only six android apps which are responsible for stealing WhatsApp data or android data. All those easily available on the internet downloaded over 100,000 times from google play store.

Apart from the research report malware software prepared by Trend Micro also, we have some more name in our own row, Which is also developed and designed to steal data from your own network devices. Also, available on google play store.

Data Stealing Apps On Google Play Store

According to the Trend Micro research report, these all application got listed in the year 2018 and above 200 countries users have been affected by this malware. Below data-stealing apps names are:

  • Flappy Birr Dog
  • Flash Light
  • Win7imulator
  • Win7Launcher
  • HZPermis Pro Arabe
  • Flappy Bird

By Japanese cyber security company that the malware is responsible for stealing everything from your palm electronic device. Such as for including call logs, contacts, personal messages and many more like audio, video files and photos stored in your own devices including Whatsapp.

Moreover, some name available on the internet which are responsible for outstanding WhatsApp data stealing phenomenal end to end result delivery and these also called as Whatsapp hackers apps:

  • The Truth Spy
  • AppSpy
  • FelxiSpy
  • Spy bubbly
  • Highster Mobile
  • phone spying
  • Spyera
  • Mobistealth

Wrap Up WhatsApp data-stealing apps on google play store

Above all information have been taken out from a various trusted source among them few links I have made you available in article appropriate place. The thought process of sharing information regarding the Whatsapp data stealing app to make you aware of this legal and illegal serious offense.

An important guideline disclosure here, before downloading and installing any appropriate android apps must check the privacy and security and moreover, if you can.

So in case of having any doubt mite, you look forward to sharing with us please connect with below comment box.

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