How Easy To Control Your PC and Laptop From Your Android Phone

PC & Laptop Connecting through Android Phone

Before beaning, I would ask you have you ever thought to control your PC & Laptop from your Android Phone. So let’s see how easy to control your PC and Laptop from your Android phone. let’s discuss, first what is our prior requirement to control our PC & Laptop from Android Phone.

There are a lot of applications and software are available in the market but here am using the best way to control and connect your PC and Laptop in few minutes using your Android device. Now in beginning, you need to download and install a small application to your Android phone and for PC or Laptop both, and the application name is “PC Remote (Beta)” for your Android phone, and “PC Remote Server” for your PC and Laptop.  This application is easily available on the internet from their you can download it, also below link is given just go and download it. 

For Android phone PC Remote (Beta)     Download

“PC Remote (Beta)”

“PC Remote (Beta)”

For PC and Laptop “PC Remote Server”    Download

“PC Remote Server”

“PC Remote Server”

Note: You can see the cursor on both images, Just click on that and install in your PC & Android Phone.

Control your PC and Laptop from your Android phone

Also below steps are given that how to control your PC and Laptop from your Android phone.

  • In phone go to your play store download and install“PC Remote (Beta)
  • In desktop PC go to google and search for“PC Remote Server”go through first link, download and install PC remote server on the desktop pc.
  • Open thePC Remote Betain the phone and the same time launch PC Remote Serverin the desktop.
  • In the phone, tap on “Refresh” button you will get available your PC on your Android phone screen, just top on that to connect, after connecting you can remotely control your desktop via phone.
Control pc

Control pc

In short, you can do lots of stuff like share your images, media file and others. I hope you enjoyed it.

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