How to Control Your Android Device from Your PC

How PC can Control Android Device

Hello Friends, Do you know how to control your android phone from your PC. In short, I will show you to transfer your file, play your music, view your messages, and also control the android phone from your PC. This is easy and very simple to use your android phone from PC or Google Chrome browser.

 Control Android Phone From PC by Airdroid

Here is a free application for controlling your Android devices. It supports all devices, just follow the entire steps. You will able to fix in the very frequent way.



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Control Android Phone From PC

Step 1: Sign up in AirDroid for free. Then sign-in your AirDroid App.

AirDroid App.

Step 2: Once you sign in, a dialog box will appear and taking for enabling all the features. Enable all the features and click on “Enable”.

Step 3: Once you enable your features, the “Notification access” screen display. Click on “android” Notification Mirror Server or if you want you to skip all the steps also.

Step 4: Once you get it complete, a confirmation box appears. Click on ‘OK”.

Step 5: Press back button to return to the App.

Step 6: Now you can see the “Web ADDRESS” in the App.

Control Android Phone From PC

Click it to Open                    Click

Step 7: Now open your Chrome Browser or any Browser on your PC, go to the AirDroid website. A dialog box appears, asking you to sign in or sign up.

Step 8: Now click on “Scan QR code”.Turn to your mobile camera in on an aim the camera directly to your QR code. Your mobile will detect the QR code and connect to the PC.

qr scan

So by using this app, you can transfer your data file to your Android phone. It can be your Image file, Document, Media file and others. I hope you enjoy a lot while using this and also sometimes it can help you out with your work. So let’s try this, hope it will work for you. Also, read my other article.


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