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Choose the online pharmacy of Truemeds

by Saloni Singh

Like other citizens, I have been skeptical about the online pharmacy in India. Buying medicines from local stores was an exhausting job for me but believing in an app for buying medicines was risky due to several frauds. So, I preferred local stores for my medicines until I used Truemeds. 


Truemeds, an online pharmacy in India, is made for the convenience and safety of customers. The app for buying medicines provides a reliable health care environment for its customers.


To understand why I chose Truemeds as the online pharmacy permanently, follow this guide with me. 

  • Licensed app:


The online pharmacy needs to be licensed under the government to sell medicines to citizens of India. If an app for buying medicines is not registered, it is better to switch your app to a licensed app like Truemeds. It is licensed under the RoC-Kanpur. The government approval ensures the credibility of Truemeds. 

  • CDSCO approved:


The app for buying medicines should sell medicines that are safe to consume. Medicines supplied by Truemeds to customers are tested and approved by the Central Drug Standard Control Organization (CDSCO). Thus, the online pharmacy doesn’t sell expired, diluted, or fake medicines to its customers. 

  • Suitable for everyone:


An app for buying medicines needs to be convenient for everyone, including me, you, the elderly, disabled persons, less educated people, and everyone! A person like me who doesn’t find going to local stores convenient and time-saving needs an online pharmacy that provides both. 


It is a simple-to-use app. It can be used easily by less educated people because it has fewer complicated features. An option to upload valid prescriptions directly has been given on the app to ease your work. You just need to upload the prescription and let the app do all your work.


The app for buying medicines takes a few minutes to order and doesn’t allow you to wait in the queue like your local stores. A person like me who has a busy work schedule can buy medicines from the ease of her chair. 

  • Needs valid prescriptions:


Every online pharmacy needs to sell medicines with a valid prescription to customers. Medicines sold by the apps without a prescription are a crime and unsafe for customers. Truemeds only sell medicines with a valid prescription. 

  • Sells affordable medicines: 


The online pharmacy is preferred because it sells medicines affordably to customers. 


Truemeds guarantee a discount on medicines by up to 72%. Occasional promo codes, rewards, and coupons to customers of the app add up more to the cost-effectiveness.


The app for buying medicines supplies medicines directly from the top 50 Indian medicine makers to its customers. 

  • Delivers medicines at doorstep:


Truemeds deliver medicines at the doorstep of your house following all the protocols of covid-19. The executives of the online pharmacy deliver medicines to customers following no contact. Executives wear masks and sanitize themselves at all times.

  • Competent customer service:


The app for buying medicines provides competent customer service to its customer service. Thus, the online pharmacy supports customers by providing easy returns and refunds. 


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