How to Find a Website Designing Agency Gurgaon for E-Commerce Web Design

A good Website Designing Agency Gurgaon will have a good portfolio, so look for it. If the company is small, they can only demonstrate their work with a single project. A bigger agency is likely to have a larger portfolio, as their team members are likely to have more experience. In addition to reviewing portfolios, […]

How Desktop as a Service (DaaS) Works?

Desktop as a Service is a platform that securely delivers virtual applications, software, and other services from the cloud of various devices in different locations. Because of the increase in work-from-home employees and corporations employing people from remote locations, desktop virtualization has become the most sought-after concept. The model (DaaS) provides safe software as a […]

Overview of Printing Technology

What is Printing?  Printing is the process of mass production of Text, Images, using templates. Earlier many non-paper products were used for printing like cylinder Seals and many objects like Cyrus cylinders and cylinders of Nabonidus. Moreover, the earliest form of printing was applied to woodblock printing mainly in China before 220 AD for cloth […]

Everyone wants to own the metaverse including Facebook , But what exactly is it?

The metaverse has been a hot topic of conversation recently, with Facebook and Microsoft both staking claims. But what is the metaverse? And when will it get here? “Right now, we are on the cusp of the next internet” and all actions are going digital. To have an authentic digital identity is very crucial. Is Metaverse letting […]

How does KYP Compliance Help Healthcare Providers Protect Patient Data?

Identity thefts are not limited to the financial or e-commerce industry but fraudsters also target the health industry. The healthcare sector is rapidly developing around the globe of which 10% of global GDP was consumed in 2015 according to WHO. The industries related to healthcare such as insurance companies and medicine suppliers increase the efficiency […]

Why is it important to verify your customer while onboarding?

Have you ever felt annoyed that you are required to add personal information while making a bank account or purchasing an item online? You may think that the information asked is irrelevant, useless, and time-consuming. But there is a reason for that.   Businesses are at great risk of becoming a victim of financial scams […]