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Best TeamViewer Alternative Free

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TeamViewer Alternative free

Most of well aware with the name of TeamViewer, among them many are comfortable with TeamViewer but also we have some best TeamViewer alternative name in our own list, Which has contributed best, and all suggested name have earned amazing review and ratings.

IF you are uncomfortable thought hunting the best TeamViewer alternative list, then this one blog post accountable to disclose all best name for an alternative to TeamViewer,


Looking the same in which have guided above then follow below post passage to earn the name of best TeamViewer alternative.

alternative to TeamViewer

Highlight –

  • Which are the name have included all gained higher review and ratings.
  • All included free TeamViewer alternative are accountable for sharing the document like – file “Microsoft office & text or etc, Video, Audio, Image”, and each one has own restriction for share file size.
  • Each one TeamViewer substitute name closely related with own limitation, which varies thought sticking with Free or paid version, which you choose.
  • All suggested TeamViewer alternative demands for lower configuration connect with each other.
  • At a single time have the opportunity to make a connection with the multiple limited systems.
  • Globally connection is available with multiple VPN Server.
  • Opportunity to install in own international languages and with few available local.
  • The installation process of this suggested TeamViewer alternative is quite simple and do not require any programming languages, and the size of the TeamViewer alternative software is far small.

Above have included only focused points to those who can give some importance to establish a proper understanding of the blog post.

So let’s check Best TeamViewer alternative.

Best TeamViewer alternative list


  • WebsiteAnyDesk
  • Size –1 MB
  • DownloadNow AnyDesk
  • Status – Open Source & Paid “information”.
  • Compatibility– Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, Linux, FreeBSD, Raspberry Pi.
  • Version – Last 4.3.0 14en Dec 2018

AnyDesk or any including TeamViewer alternative software also known as Remote Desktop Software. It founded in Germany in 2014, and currently, it has 15 million worldwide paid customer, “Not included free in the count”, and another  5 million customers each month adding.

AnyDesk is highly reported German company because now it has enrolled with 50 fasted growing firms in Germany.

So let’s check the performance of the AnyDesk.

  • High Frame Rates
  • Low Latency
  • Efficient Bandwidth Use
  • Highly Innovative Technology
  • Quickstart
  • Fail-Safe Erlang Network
  • Real-Time Collaboration
  • Demanding Applications
  • Encryption Technology
  • Verified Connections
  • Access Restrictions
  • Use Own Network
  • Work From Anywhere
  • Multi-Platform Support
  • Maximum Compatibility
  • Lightweight
  • International
  • File Transfer
  • Manage Contacts
  • Online Administration Panel
  • Detailed Session Reporting
  • Remote Reboot
  • Automated Roll Out

Above some of the bullet points, I have included, which after passing from top to bottom you will have a proper idea about AnyDesk.

How to Install AnyDesk

As above have mentioned some of the significant AnyDesk points, which are more accountable to push you on the right direction of the blog post – Best Free TeamViewer alternative.

Moreover, also have included the installation process of the AnyDesk. As above in few lines have declared that the installation process of any Teamviewer alternative quite simple, and in additional, not demands for any programming languages to install it.

So now without taking a long time to let’s check the installation process.

  • Go to launch the website of
  • After launching the website you will get a download button, and again a similar page will open. So repeat the same action again by clicking the button, and select an appropriate place to download AnyDesk file.
  • After successfully download go to receive the file, and not click on the file to run the setup.
  • Follow the information windows to and the installation process.

Video to install AnyDesk

Above which installation process I have mentioned in the blog post of TeamViewer alternative for same have uploaded the Youtube video. In which have mentioned all significant points of how to download and install to the AnyDesk.

The motive of sharing the video to earn you more comfortable about the installation process. So if required let’s check Youtube video.


  • WebsiteSupRemo
  • Size –20 MB
  • DownloadNow SupRemo
  • Status – Open Source & Paid “information”.
  • Compatibility– Windows XP – Vista – 7 – 8 – 8.1 – 10 – Windows Server 2003R2 – 2008 – 2008R2 – 2012 – 2012R2 – 2016 – 2019.
  • Version – 4.0.1141

SupRemo is a complete solution package for Remote Desktop software. As like the first one is also available in with multiple languages. It allows you to access a remote PC. SupRemo also names as IT solution.

Like others going with SupRemo also you have the opportunity to share long data files in a lesser fraction of time with highly secure.

It supported by almost all messer operating system. So now let’s check focused bullet points.

  • Light and easy-to-use
  • No router / firewall configuration
  • Multi-connection
  • Meeting-ready
  • Drag & Drop file transfer
  • Security and protection
  • USilio
  • UAC-compatible
  • Customizable
  • Multiple of useful features

So mentioned bullet points can deliver more significant information.

Now let’s check how to install to the SupRemo.

How to install SupRemo

The installation process of the SupRemo is quite simple and easy, and the link of the downloading software has been shared below in first like of the installation process of the TeamViewer alternative.

As above have disclosed the size of the SupRemo, Which in size small and never takes a long time to download.

  • Very first click on the button Download
  • After clicking on the download button it will ask you the place where you want to download SupRemo software file. And now visit the place where you have downloaded and at the same point in time, you will see that automatically it has installed.
  • Just click on it and enjoy.

The video for SupRemo – TeamViewer alternative installation process

Above with process have included to download and install to the SupRemo for same here you have the opportunity to engage with Youtube video. In which have mentioned all significant information, which is available on the step process,

So the motive of sharing this video to making you more comfortable about to download and install.


  • WebsiteParallels
  • DownloadNow Parallels
  • Status – Open Source & Paid.
  • Compatibility– Windows®, Mac®, iOS, AndroidTM, Chromebook, Linux, Raspberry Pi or the Cloud.

Like the above suggested TeamViewer alternative Parallels also a big brand name, which is the global remote desktop solution provider. Parallel has offices in North America, Europe, Australia, and Asia. So because of this user “Free and paid,” both have the opportunity to receive live support 24*7.

Moreover, as like others users can transfer any kinds of the documents. And it’s penetration testing is amazing which has received amazing review and ratings.

So let’s check the basic features of the Parallels in bullet point.

  • Applications on Your Home Screen
  • Seamless Navigation
  • Full-Screen Applications
  • Lock’n’Go Magnifying Glass
  • App Launcher
  • Game Mode (experimental)
  • Optimized Screen Resolution
  • Brilliant Mobile Experience
  • Access files on remote computers.
  • Access files in the cloud.
  • Store files locally.
  • Manage your files.
  • Share files with friends and colleagues.
  • Connect to Mac or PC

So above shared bullet points can deliver more valuable information.

Now let’s check how to install to the Parallels.

How to install Parallels – Best TeamViewer Alternative

The installation process of the Parallels is quite simple and does not require an additional thing. Below shared each step process link follow carefully, and also have shared the link to download and install TeamViewer alternative. So let’s check the installation process.

  • Very first visit the link to download
  • After the visit, this shared a link to install ParallelsInstall

TeamViewer Alternative – Parallels Video

Follow this Youtube uploaded video, Which will help you more to how to download and install to the Parallels. This video has covered most of the part information. So let’s check it.

Chrome Remote Desktop

Chrome Remote Desktop – TeamViewer alternative, if you ask from my side then this is one of the best which no one TeamViewer alternative free can compete with this. Because in respect of it has two amazing functions.

It process quite simple and quick. Both functions like “Remote Access & Remote Support”-

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Remote Access-

In remote access, you have the opportunity to share your computer screen with your mobile, and to do so it required just your email id from which you must be logged in both similarly with the computer and in mobile.

This is the advanced features which are not available anywhere with the TeamViewer alternative. So launching with Remote Access makes totally different to the Chrome Remote Desktop.

Remote Support-

Remote support is similar like TeamViewer and others above suggested name. Here with remote support, you are required to generate a code and after just share generated code with the computer which you want to connect.

Chrome Remote Desktop – Installation process and the connecting process is different from others above. So let’s check how to install and work with it.

Chrome Remote Desktop- How to install

The installation process of the Chrome remote desktop is different from others above. This is the kinds of Chrome extension, and the size of these apps is smaller than others.

Which installation process has mentioned must follow as has given. So let’s check ||

  • Very first click on the button Download
  • After clicking on it, just install it as you do install an extension.
  • Now here you two alternative to choose – Remote Access & Remote Support

Remote AccessFor remote access after installing the extension go to log in your email id and after open your android mobile or any, and open play store and type for the search “Chrome Remote Desktop” to download and install. After installing login your mobile with the same email id and automatically it asks for the pin which you have generated into your computer. So enter the same pin and enjoy.

Remote Support- Following the same windows after installing the Chrome Remote Desktop, you have to click on the Remote Support, and after clicking on it you have the opportunity to generate a code. After generating the share with the computer with whom you want to connect.

TeamViewer alternative – Chrome remote desktop video

In this uploaded youtube video have shared all significant relevant information to “how to install and download Chrome remote desktop” with the operational demo.

So let’s check the video for “best free TeamViewer alternative” ||

  • Website – me
  • DownloadNow
  • Status – Open Source & Paid
  • Compatibility – With any operating system. also the best TeamViewer alternative. The best part with the that it does stick with the operating system, and in other languages, you can say that it is directly connected with the internet browser which makes it different from others.

It is awarded by many other features like hosting screen along with the recording, calling, audio, and video, which makes different from others.

Its review and rating are amazing which have seen on various trusted sources. So let’s check how to install to the

How to install

The installation process of the is far simple and quick, and as like Chrome remote desktop, it has also two available flavors. So among anyone as per the requirement you can choose.

This process belongs for free users, which name as basic plan and also if required go to visit website to check premium version price.

So now let’s check how to use to

  • Very first you are requested to visit on the website and create a free account.
  • After creating the account, it will redirect you to fill up some informative form. So after getting done a small file automatically gets download and install.
  • After finishing the installation a popup get’s open and then it asks you to generate a link or code. So after finishing it go to share that generated link or code with the person whom you want to connect.

The video for TeamViewer alternative

This is basically an informative youtube video which is linked in the blog post. Maybe Youtube video installation process can differ from the above-shared installation process. So do not confuse with it, and from both alternative, you can apply any one.

VNC Connect

  • WebsiteVNC Connect
  • DownloadNow VNC Connect
  • Status – Open Source & Paid
  • Compatibility – Windows, macOS, Linux, RespberryPi, Solaris, HP-UX, AIX.

VNC Connected one of the leading United States company dealing with remote desktop, and it has crossed 15en years of market experience. This is listed award-winning organization with the TeamViewer.

This is similarly like TeamViewer. Because sticking with the VNC Connected, you have also an amazing opportunity to share your significant document and more this is highly secure with multiple hosting.

In basic plan –

For non-commercial use only

Limited to 5 remote computers
and 3 users

  • 24/7 attended & unattended access
  • Cloud connections only
  • Desk-side install required

So without delay let’s have the experience of the VNC Connect.

How to install VNC Connected

The installation of the VNC Connected is quite simple and quick, as any of the system software. After the passage in bullet point, I have shared the link button. So enter button to download and install to VNC Connect.

The VNC Connected software file size is small and designed with many international languages. So let’s check how to install and operate to the VNC Connect.

  • Very first enter the button Download to activate and install to the VNC Connect.
  • After activating, it redirects you to download a small software file.
  • Now similarly like any software go to install it and activate.
  • For the testing, purpose goes to check your IP address and enter into the appropriate place and enjoy to the VNC Connected.

VNC Connected – TeamViewer Alternative

In this uploaded video especially have covered the installation process of the VNC Connect. This shared process is similar above installation process. So let’s check Youtube video to install TeamViewer alternative free.


  • WebsiteTightvnc
  • DownloadNow tightvnc
  • Status – Open Source for both “Basic and commercial use”
  • Compatibility – Windows, macOS, Linux, RespberryPi, Solaris, HP-UX, AIX.

Tightvnc is a free remote control software for both personal and commercial use.  This amazing software is available in most of the international languages, which helps to increase this Teamviewer alternative.

The software size is far small and available for both versions like – 32-bit windows installer and 62-bit windows installer.

In addition, you have the opportunity to take a snapshot of your partner screen.

Make sure to operate this software you are mandatory to have your partner IP address to connect the system with the password which you have generated the password while installing the TeamViewer software.

So now let’s check how to operate and install to the Tightvnc.

How to install TeamViewer alternative – Tightvnc

This suggested TeamViewer alternative software –Tightvnc installation process is quite simple and it installer file size is far small, Which is available with an alternative such as – Windows installer 32 Bit & Windows installer 62 Bit.

So chose installer file as per your operating system Bit. So now check how to install and operate.

  • Very first visit the share link button to Download download and install to the Tightvnc.
  • Click on the alternative TeamViewer file to install it. The installation process is simple and not required any additional step process to download it.
  • After installing generate users and admin password.
  • Now share an IP address and password to connect with the partner.

Tightvnc video to install and operate

This uploaded Youtube video more surrounding the installation process, and inside I have not covered more information regarding this TeamViewer alternative software information. To install and operate let’s check uploaded video.

Wrap Up – Best TeamViewer Alternative Free

In this blog post what information I have mentioned all have taken from various trusted and also I have experienced each one, and after delivering the satisfactory result have mentioned here.

Above to make you proper understanding regarding how to install all included TeamViewer alternative along with the operational process.

While rolling top to bottom if you reach any difficulty then connect with comment box section to freely ask your article related query.

Keep connected with the blog post to get a more related blog post.


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