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One of the most significant landmarks for a newbie tattoo artist is figuring out the best tattoo machines that allows an unrestrained expression of their art.

However, the world of tattoo tech can be (albeit unsurprisingly) quite complicated.

Tattoo artists are, by their nature, tinkerers. They are continually innovating, creating new gadgets, modifying existing equipment, or even combining elements across tattoo machine types in the bid to create the perfect instrument for their artform. Consequently, for many elite tattooists, the ideal piece maybe something a bit more obscure.

The Case for Tattoo Pen Machines

These appliances are considerably lighter and easier to handle than their counterparts, making them the most comfortable choice for extended tattooing sessions.

These machines, you lose all of the noise and vibration that comes with coil options. Plus, rotary engines are significantly more versatile as you can use a single tool for both shading and lining.

Tattoo pen machines offer the easiest and most seamless way to transition from regular pencils to tattoo machines.

Affordable Amazon Tattoo Pen Machines

We are well aware that the aforementioned products are high-end, and therefore high-cost. The reason we’ve included them is that they are intended for professional tattoo artists with years of experience.

However, we are also aware that not every tattoo artist is a highly-experienced tattooist, nor can everybody afford such expensive tools and equipment. That is why we’ve decided to include a list of our favorite affordable tattoo pen machines, which can be used by beginners as well. The following products are high-quality tattoo kits, which comprise tattoo needles and other complementary equipment every serious tattooist needs;

Best Tattoo Pen Machine 2022

Like with many other artforms, with tattooing, there are no “best” tools.

The right tool for the job is the one that maximizes the artist’s proficiency while providing the utmost comfort levels possible.

Our Pick: Cheyenne Sol Terra 

From the popular Cheyenne Hawk’s manufacturer comes another entry into their lineup that is taking the tattoo scene by storm. The Cheyenne Sol Terra is guaranteed to place at or near the top of any ranking list today.

Sunskin Stilo

The Sunskin brand is something of a best-kept secret in the tattoo world as you rarely hear them listed among the top manufacturers, yet you are guaranteed to find at least one of their equipment in the gear of most top-level practitioners.

With their 20+ years of experience in the tattoo machine manufacturing business, Sunskin has made a name for themselves as one of the few makers that emphasize the quality of their products over the state of their bottom line.

The Sunskin Stilo is another testament to this ethos that enables them to capture the hearts of some of the world’s best tattoo artists.

Spektra Xion

From their base in Miami, FK Iron has been producing top-notch tattoo machines since 2007, cementing them as one of the foremost manufacturers in the country. The Spectra Xion, which is one of their best-selling offerings, remains the go-to option for many tattoo artists around the country.

The central selling point for FK Iron products has always been their quality construction, and the Xion is no different. Here, you get a sturdy, high-grade pen, developed with input from some of the world’s top tattooists to ensure the creation of a top-notch device that can put up with your most extended sessions while bringing high-end performance every time.

The Spektra Xion features a specially-designed 6-Watt MotorBolt at its core, provides and holds maximum-level torque even on extended tattooing sessions, and keeps your cartridges performing optimally at all times.

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