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Best Free File Sharing Sites

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If you are on the process of following file sharing sites and may you bit frustrated from the previous outcome which you chose earlier to store your data in the form of media, word document, and including app + software.  To remove such difficulty in this blog post, I am trying to introduce you free file sharing sites list which individually has checked each one review and rating. So if you are hunting the same till now above what I have discussed,


file sharing website free

Below I have covered each significant point which can help to improve your understanding of free file sharing sites and including to download how to make those each proper setting.

So first check what are the things I have covered in the blog post – Best free file sharing sites.

Highlights – File-sharing website

  • File-sharing site list in which I have included Google Drive, 4Shared, ZippyShare, Box, MediaFire, SkyDrive, iCloud, DropBox, Mega, and more.
  • Check them how to use to store your document setting including designing the privacy settings.
  • In addition, I have shared the free online file sharing sites youtube video which obviously each one I have not prepared from my self but have tried best to find the relevant

Now, let’s further explore the blog post in deep.

What are file-sharing sites

file sharing sites free

Cloud share is the actual name of file sharing sites, and this is the second name that we are discussing and awarded by the users who search on Google by many names.

File sharing websites or cloud share is the alternative of data storage which helps to keep secure their data which now has become the trend.

After coming into the picture free online file sharing sites, professional and employee boys’ work has become easier because of having the online assessment of data.

Because of having online data, it can be accessed from any place and reaches to those only who required it and permitted by the admin.

Moreover, the internet spreading very fast in our existing world. So after launching the file-sharing websites free helps to remove all the difficulty such as it supports all formats, users not at all requires set primitive work to separate file formate, and from a single place, multiple file formate link easily can be generated, and lot more.

Happening such things our task has become easier to achieve.

On the internet, a lot of alternatives available for – file sharing websites among most of the paid but also some of them free to store online data, and based on the previous performance those names I have listed.

Make a note which name now I am suggesting to you, all data storage plan may change based on the time. So them any for free must choose the basic plan.

Best free file sharing sites list

file sharing sites without registration

As above I have confirmed to you that today which names for file sharing sites I am suggesting to you those all admirable names in the field of data storing and securing data.

All the names I have picked up individually after checking the review and rating and more, those all are stable file sharing sites are a bigger market player who has accounted own name since online data storage exits into the world.

So choosing among them can be a good idea.

Moreover, which name I am trying to suggest along with the “free file sharing” also includes the premium with minimal charges. This is an alternative when you like those cloud storage service can go to stick with the premium also.

Google Drive – File sharing websites

file sharing sites free download

  • Website – Google Drive
  • Limit- 15en GB
  • Status – Free for basic plan/ Premium 15en+ GB
  • Apps – Drive for Mac/PC, Drive for Android, Drive for iOS
  • Launched – April 24, 2012
  • Types of the site – File Hosting service
  • Programming Languages – Python, Objective-C

Among available file sharing sites, google drive one of the most trusted ones who first launched a free data hosting service till 15en GB. Before hosting, services were an exit but fully paid.

Thought to stick with the google drive can prove your best choice because it includes a variety of latest functions and settings which allow us to protect our data helps to keep them more secure.

Inside the google drive setting, you have an opportunity to set a button that allows making your data publicly or private protection availability, and also you can generate the file-sharing sites link to them who looking to make available.

And many more amazing features exits inside the google play which you will know after trying it.

How to use Google Drive – Free data sharing

Thought for google drive very first natural demands, you must require an active Gmail account which is mandatory.

Second and last after login your Gmail account in the right corner go to find google drive option, just click on it and after opening drag and drop your file inside the google drive. This process of data uploading takes some time depending upon the size of the file.

Video how to use Google Drive

For your better understanding, I have made you available a youtube video in respect of how to use google drive – file-sharing site. In this youtube, I have tried to cover most of google drive part which I could. So if required you can refer the video for your better understanding.

4Shared – File sharing sites free

  • Website – 4Shared
  • Limit- 15en GB
  • Status – Free for basic plan/ Premium 15en+ GB
  • Types of the site – File Hosting service

In comparison with Google Drive, the 4Shared platform looks very easy and handy. Like Google, it also demands registration in which you have four alternatives to choose from. Such as sigh up with Facebook id, Twitter id, google id or with any email address.

So this above alternative you have and after login the first time you will self-experience that how simple platform is this, which does not require any additional assistance.

And the most important, bottom left side you will have all the explanation about your account that how much remaining storage including the traffic.

IF Yes? Looking for the simple platform, then make sure stick with the 4Share.

How to enable 4Shared

One process is common for everyone which is to create an account. Thought for generating the 4Share account you have almost 4 alternatives, among anyone you can choose.

Very after creating the account like the previous one go to drag and drop your document no matter what it is, Like – Media file, Apps/Software or others.

The process of uploading the data takes some time depending upon the file size.

4Shared – Video for free cloud storage

This youtube video includes all important points which needed to cover for 4Share. So you refer it for better understanding.

ZippyShare – Online free cloud storage

file sharing sites definition

  • Website – ZippyShare
  • Limit- 15en GB
  • Status – Free for basic plan/ Premium 15en+ GB
  • Types of the site – File Hosting service

ZippyShare also belongs from the same file hosting service which is a good service provider. The difference between the ZippyShare and above listed name is – This is Support Https which above file sharing sites do not support, which makes it different from others.

When you go to use the first time to the ZippyShare it may create confusion because this pattern is the same as website hosting service and also the dashboard demands to spend some time when you go to use the first time to the ZippyShare.

Moreover, it helpdesk 24*7 available for your assistance which delivers good user satisfaction to the basic planner also, which is worthy to the beginner.

How to use ZippyShare

The process to become its customer follows the same as above free file sharing sites. So to create a drive account must check the above process which I have discussed.

 ZippyShare – Video for to use

Here I am sharing the youtube video in which I have tried to focus on every single important part for ZippyShare. Watching the ZippyShare file sharing video can assist you more regarding how to use it. So if you stuck in the process of ZippyShare so must check the video or can skip.

Box – Best free file sharing sites

  • Website – Box
  • Limit- 10en GB
  • Status – Free for basic plan/ Premium 10en+ GB
  • Types of the site – File Hosting service

The box is a good market player to store your data online, But its free disk smaller than the above-suggested name as 10en GB.

Meanwhile, its review and rating are amazing including its dashboard. This own developer has tried to build a simpler Box platform and focused more to make it user-friendly.

When you go first time to create a login account after fillup recommends form it asks to verify the email which you have listed with the Box and after verifying it your service will start otherwise it will bard.

Box – How to use

The very first recommended process to create an account on every portal is the same. After you will receive an email verification link which significant to verify and then you can enter into the home dashboard of Box.

And rest of all process is the same.

Box video

Like above others also I have included the youtube video which can assist you regarding the Box file hosting. In this video most of the parts, I have tried to cover.

MediaFire – file sharing website free

  • Website – MediaFire
  • Limit- 10en GB
  • Status – Free for basic plan/ Premium 10en+ GB
  • Types of the site – File Hosting service

MediaFire is enough smarter who has designed the most simpler platform. When go to reach on its home window simply ask for the login and signup.

And if you are a new customer to go for signup it gives you two option to create an account which is by Facebook and Gmail account.

After choosing any of them it not include any additional form to fill up which makes is so simple compare any above.

Note –  It not required any further assistance that how to use it.

MediaFire Video

Wrap up for the Best Free File Sharing Sites

In the blog post along with how to use, I have included the youtube video which will assist you more regarding the file-sharing websites.

Above listed all websites individuals have checked out the review and rating, and the best part – all listed file sharing websites are the biggest market player who is accountable for 24*7 live technical support.

If in case of rolling up to a bottom blog post if you reach any difficulty so make sure to connect with below comment box section to get proper query solution.

Keep connected with the to get more update.

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