Baby Girl’s Killing Reveals India’s Crisis of Gender Bias

Gender Bias a crisis to India

Years ago a girl considered as taboo. A mother delivering a girl was shunned by the civil society and her family member. If the girl was lucky enough to born or live in their society even was open discrimination between the family member. Also, Read how to become a successful entrepreneur and business owner. While the girl child was deprived of the basic necessities of nutrition, education and living standard, where the boy child was considered to live full plagued life and got full attention and privilege.

Sex Ratio

sex ratio

Does this sound weary? Yes, that’s right, it’s because still gender bias a crisis floating is in our India. Today Indian civil society has developed. They have got drastic changes in their living lifestyle after passing each day by day and the most important part they have approached with greater participation to fit in 21’st century. As if now we are in 21’st century and our society is well educated, more degrees were awarded to them. Even the question is remain same that why India is facing gender bias problem.

As if now we are well educated and we are approaching to participate in high thinking livening lifestyle. So why not, we are getting out from this gender bias problem. This is one of biggest issues, which floating around us. It occurs misbalance ratio between the boys and girls.

Percentage of Surplus Boys chart


There are numerous illegal maternity clinics operating in our remote places, where the doctors help the parents to determine the sex of the fetus and abort the female if the parents desire. Everyone knows that this is the offense, which is questing to our education and our thought process that what we think about the gender bias. Generally in respect of girl mostly think that the girl is a burden and more responsibility comes when she born in comparative of the boy. Most parents think that the boy is responsible for taking care of an older age. Hence this is the main point from where gender bias problem comes.

Also, there are some other facts affect our civil society, that why the parents should not differentiate between the boy and girl. A lot of facts are available like rape cases are increasing after day by day, our government and civil society failed to stop rape cases. Each day a new rape story can be watched on news channels and others lot of available in our civil society.

So let’s focus on rape cases, girl molestation, and eve teasing. When these kinds of cases come into the picture by the news channel and from other resources. Suddenly gets attention on it. Unfortunately, unhealthy news comes and gets higher boost energy to floating around the world. Sometimes these news helps to civil society to make perception, and this perception helps to set some rules to follow our civil society. These sated rules can be so harmful and it can also cause of increasing the “Gender Bias a crisis to India”.

So now what, the government should reform their legal rules, if in some cases government comes with a big failure, and then it’s right for civil society to punish them. It’s hard to say that it will take some time to teach them a lesson to keep away such a preplanned activity like keeling girl, rape them, teasing eyes and others. The time when we start punishing them all and try to educate our civil society to do not ignore such kind of activity if it’s happening front of you. Just by doing this we can bring it in under control to gender bias crisis in India.

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