Android Gesture Navigation! Change User Experience [2019]

Android Gesture navigation

android gesture control

Android gesture navigation!  Google has named it as Pie. As per recent users experience this google android gesture control is handier and help to improve your work experience. It has a variant of the basic new feathers which helps to improve its user’s performance.

Thought for the android gesture, it has divided into three variant categories which in below have been enrolled.

Now on the internet, a lot of searches and discussion going on regarding the Pie which latest update since has launched in March 2019.  People have liked more this latest Google update.

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Highlights! What is gesture navigation?

So before going in detail of gesture control android, Must check the highlight of the Android Gesture navigation.

  • Now users have a new opportunity to accept named it as Adaptive Battery. This Google latest Pie function enrolled for improving users android battery performance. It works based on the prioritizing based only the apps which users use most.
  • The second one is Adaptive Brightness, Which helps to automatically adjust the android phone brightness depending upon the android phone location like, dark location and bright location.
  • App Actions is also an automatic action control, which android launcher on top of the home screen you can get and depend upon the app using it gives you more flexibility to improve your performance in the form of the short cut.
  • Slices works based upon the searches of the history, which helps to improve performance of the android gesture recognition.
  • In the form of Simplicity users now get the single home button, Which is now required to up, left, and right to give the final touch to your work. For example, you can check all application being used in your phone. Apart from this many more functionality here, you can get in the form of Android gestures.
  • Digital well being. Sometimes we use our phone unnecessary or for a longer time which is not healthy for our health. So by using this new android gestures update, you can have the opportunity to check how long you have used the android app, and also here you can strict with the time limitation for an app using.
  • Do not disturb, From now onwards after using the DND you are not going to get any notification such things. And one more has attached with this in the name of Wind Down- Which after setting up the time your Android phone will convert into the black and white mobile.
  • Apart from this many, more security features have been launched with this update. So now update your phone and enjoy the latest android gesture recognization.
  • To enjoy the latest Android users only need to update own Android system and old android users required to download and install an additionally available app on google play store. So download it to enjoy swipe down gesture android.

Note: For Android player, those are not able to receive the latest update such as Pie. Then here you have an opportunity to download and install an additional app called “Navigation Gestures- Swipe gesture Controls”.

How do I get gesture navigation on Android?

In the respect get gesture navigation on Android, Here in addition users are required to check own setting and required to go for the update. In below I will tell you to step by step that how to go for the android gesture, among most of the users may well aware of these settings. So they are welcome to skip this passage. And those who are not aware of this then keep connected with this.

So below check the step process for how to enable android gesture settings.

Enable gesture settings

This additional set of Android gestures is very simple. Now below available so let’s check it.

Very first tap to open your android phone setting, and go for an update. And in addition, I have made you available an image which will guide how to build Android gesture updated settings. So let’s check it.

Android gestures
Hence above-shared image can prove more helpful in respect to make the setting of the android gesture.

How do you use pie gestures?

Here in respect of how do you use pie gesture the latest update of google android I have shared below a recorded youtube video. So to explore own knowledge regarding gesture control android let’s check the video, which will give you better ideas and user experience.

How do I use gestures on Android apps?

So above I have disclosed all the meaningful points regarding the Google update “Android gestures”. Hence this passage for them who are not able to receive the Android gestures updates. After the passage, you can check the download button in which I have shared the link of google play store.

Follow the link from your existed android phone and download and install an additional app called Navigation Gestures- Swipe gesture Control. This apps frilly available, and it also has great users experience but can not complete owning update developed by Google.

So follow the link to download and install.


Wrap Up! Android Gesture navigation 

Above I have shared own latest Google update called Pie. This update has brought amazing features, which you must check. In respect of this update above I have all the significant details.

This blog post shared all significant information I have taken from various trusted sources and which can not let you down.

In case of scrolling top to bottom if you find any problem respect of not understanding then connect with below comment box section to get proper solution.

For more detail visit –Android Developer

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