All You Need to Know Before Buying a Dirndl

When it comes to Oktoberfest, the first thing that comes to a girl’s mind is a dirndl. If you also want to know the tricks to find the best one for you, you are on the right page.

It’s not just Oktoberfest where you can wear this unique piece of clothing. Beautiful bridal dirndl gowns and bridesmaids’ dirndl gowns are highly trending in weddings. Including these events, you can see people preferring to wear this stylish outfit at parties and dinners. So, without wasting a single moment, let’s jump into the details of the dirndl buyer’s guide.

Get the Right Dirndl Length and Style 

Modern dirndls are often sold as a set, which includes both the garment and the apron. But sometimes you need to place a separate order for the dirndl blouse or skirt. Make sure the length is correct when you buy separates to avoid having to return them later. These days, dirndls come in a wide range of measurements. Make sure that the length of your skirt is acceptable for the occasion while selecting your dirndl outfit because accordance with the event adds up the value of the outfit.

Here are three main kinds of dirndl:

  • The mini-dirndls:

It is perfect for women who want to wear their dirndl outfit in the spring or prepare it for summer when the weather is warm. This option is great for those who are not interested in making themselves fully covered during the event. 

  • The midi-dirndl:

For those who prefer a more modest look but still want to let their legs free from the fabric, midi lengths are a great option. These stylish dresses fall just below the knees. Thus, it becomes the most popular outfit to be worn to a variety of events.

  • The maxi-dirndl:

The maxi-dirndl is an excellent choice for ladies who prefer their gowns to be more conventional and for the taller girls attending formal events. If you’re looking for an occasion-appropriate dress, this one is ideal for the big day.

The bodice is an important part of your dress because it highly influences the overall look, so pay close attention. This should be a close-fitting garment in order to enhance your natural curves. Dirndl blouses are available separately and must be worn under the garment. The sleeves can be long or short, just according to your taste. However, it must also be able to make your décolletage appear its finest while remaining comfortable. Usually, these blouses are made up of white-colored fabric.

Carry Your Dirndl the Best Way

To keep your dirndl looking its best, it’s important to put it on properly, no matter what style you choose. Before cleaning your dirndl, pay special attention to the directions on the label. Gentle cleaning is the best way to care for most of our clothing. To prevent color fading, use a light detergent that contains a slight amount of chemicals. 

Secondly, do not leave it in the drum of the washing machine for too much time or soak it in the sink. Also, refrain from putting your dirndl in the washing machine or dryer directly. Instead of putting it in a dryer, hang it up and let it dry naturally.  

Follow the Trends 

This year’s dirndl trends are well described by the terms “delicacy and detail.” Fashionistas should wear dirndl dresses made of silks, tulle, or lace for the occasion. There’s still a demand for patterned fabrics, as well. Consider purchasing dresses with aprons adorned with lace, sequins, and beads, which are all in style at the moment. You’ll be highly noticed in sky blue, meadow green, or pastel pink clothing since these colors and shades suggest spring’s freshness. Consider dark reds and purples, as well as berry tones, as fashionable colors. Traditional style dresses are equally popular when it comes to cuts. With this year’s must-have piece, the high-necked dirndl blouse, you can wear any of these choices. Laces and embellished blouses are also in style, but plain and simple blouses are always an excellent option. Floral wreaths for the hair, choker collars, and costume chains are the must-have accessories of 2021 Oktoberfest.

Shoes, Bows, and Other Accessories 

The apron’s bow indicates the wearer’s marital status and availability, so be careful where you put it. 

  • Wearing a bow on the right suggests that you are married or committed to someone.
  • Wearing one on the left shows that you are single and seeking a partner. 
  • There is no need to worry if you don’t want to provide such information or if your situation is complicated. Place the bow in the middle, and you’re good to go.
  • The bows of widows and waitresses are worn at the middle of their backs. 

Dirndls can be paired with a wide variety of shoes and accessories, allowing you to express yourself in a variety of ways. You can wear your dress with a pair of sneakers for a more casual look or with a pair of stilettos for a more formal occasion. You may personalize your look by sprinkling on a pair of delicate earrings, a bold necklace, or a colored handbag.

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