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4 Things You Shouldn’t Do While Selling Your Car.

by rahulpandey

Vehicle owners in NSW must be well equipped with information that potential buyers look forward to knowing about their vehicles, before they go public about selling them. They need to take some extra time for preparation if they wish to get an appropriate sale price for their rides. As a vehicle owner, being confident about your car value helps fill up your pockets through the car sale that you can later invest in a brand-new vehicle.

There are many ways to sell your car. However, how you present your vehicle affects your deal significantly. Check with your car insurance australia provider if your vehicle will be covered in the event of an accident if a potential buyer takes your ride for a test drive and gets into a mess on the road. Some car insurance NSW companies allow policyholders to claim if a potential buyer meets with an accident only if the insured driver or listed driver accompanies the potential buyer at the time of a test drive.

We have a brief list of preventive measures vehicle owners can take before selling their rides. Read on to know how to tip the odds in your favour to make a fruitful deal.

#1 Don’t ignore car repairs.

If your car is nursing some troubles, you better get them fixed before taking your vehicle for an evaluation. Also, pay attention to these two factors before implementing car repairs – can you recoup the repair costs in the ultimate sale price? And can you get a roadworthy certificate without those repairs? If you want to sell an old car, then maybe sell in whatever condition it serves you well. Otherwise, if it is a comparatively new vehicle, get it repaired as it may significantly affect your vehicle’s last sale price.

#2 Don’t forget to estimate the car’s true value.

You want to sell your used car, and now you don’t know how to assess its market value. The best way to understand what your used car may be worth is by requesting online car valuation quotes. It would also help to research several similar vehicles on sale and their quoted sale prices. Next, check these attributes of the cars of identical make – cost, KMs travelled, extras, accessories, condition, service history to understand where your vehicle stands in the market. You may even want to visit your mechanic to be sure about your car’s value.

#3 Don’t post images of an untidy car.

Make sure your vehicle looks spic and span inside and outside, so it doesn’t appear untidy to potential buyers when they arrive for your vehicle inspection. Plus, if your car seems to be tainted in the photos you have posted online, expect buyers to drift away from your advertisement. Remove all the unwanted things under the seats and in the boot area. Also, your car’s upholstery and console need cleaning along with the exteriors.

#4 Don’t be in haste while selling.

Accepting the first offer you get once you post an ad isn’t the way to go unless the deal matches your target sale price. Instead, you can wait until some potential buyers who are ready to offer a good price turn up. A simple tip that helps you deal with negotiations more confidently is – you must know that unless your car is worth it, potential buyers don’t negotiate, so if they are trying to bargain they are probably interested in your vehicle.


Ultimately, keeping your vehicle safety in mind, it would be best if you accompanied the potential buyer while he takes your car for a test drive. As mentioned earlier, check your best car insurance policy to know what is covered (or not) if a potential buyer meets with an accident while test driving your car. Finally, talk to your best car insurance provider to seek clarifications about the above scenario. Pay heed to the above pointers, so you get the best car sale value.

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