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3 Ways To Increase The Value Of Your Savannah Home Before Selling It

by rahulpandey

When it comes to selling your beloved Savannah home, you want the most outstanding possible value and return for all your hard work and investment. However, selling your home isn’t as simple as you’d think, especially if you’ve lived in it for a few years. 

You’ll need to make a few adjustments and improvements if you’re hoping to attract potential buyers, sell your home quickly, and get a reasonable selling price. 

We all know about the basic cleaning, organizing, and de-cluttering that’ll take your Savannah home from drab to fab instantly, but this list is going to offer you much more. 

Changing and renovating your entire home isn’t a wise decision as it’s an unnecessary expense on a property you’re not willing to keep. Still, you can improve your home and make it market-worthy with these inexpensive and effective changes. 

Here are some simple yet effective upgrades and changes that’ll increase the value of your Savannah home and ensure a reasonable selling price. 

Replace the front door

One of the first things that potential buyers and investors will see when they walk up to your home in Savannah is your front entry door. It creates a lasting impression on them the moment they walk in, and if that’s not impressive, they’ll be less likely to make an offer and be interested in buying your home. 

So how do you ensure your Savannah home looks inviting and stands out from the rest of your boring neighborhood? You replace the front entry door with a stylish and sleek steel door that instantly elevates your home’s exterior, taking it to the next level. 

A dated, cheap, worn-out front door will affect your home selling process in all the negative ways, making it seem uncared and exceptionally old. Installing a steel door will bring a sense of luxury to your otherwise simple home, attract more buyers and significantly increase its value. 

When it comes to getting your house ready for the market, you’ll be surprised at the difference a small change like a steel entry door can make for your home in Savannah

Boost curb appeal

While you’re focusing on improving your home’s exterior in Savannah, consider boosting its curb appeal too. Curb appeal is your home’s surroundings and the general attractiveness of the property when viewed from the street. 

It’s an essential part of many houses in Savannah; however, most people often seem to overlook this aspect, leading to a messy and unkempt exterior. 

Once you’ve installed a sleek and stylish steel front entry door, you’ll notice a significant change. However, you can add pots, plants, and lights to enhance your front entryway further and make it more inviting for your visitors and potential buyers. 

Swap the interior doors too

After your home’s exterior is sorted and ready for buyers and investors in Savannah, you can focus on your home’s interior. 

Clean any messes, de-clutter all your unnecessary items, and carry a luxurious feel throughout your home by choosing stylish steel interior doors for all your rooms too. 

They’ll bring your outdated, old house to a more modern time, giving it a clean and more cohesive overall look. You can opt for sliding doors to open up smaller rooms and spaces and install new patio doors like French doors or bi-fold doors for a unique and contemporary Savannah home style. 

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Claire Smith is a real estate agent and home flipper hoping to help the people of Savannah sell their homes for a better and reasonable price. She’s worked on many homes and real estate properties in Georgia, helping her clients create better living spaces and enjoying the fruits of their labor. She uses her free time to impart her knowledge and expertise about home selling and renovation. She’s a frequent contributor to Pinky’s Iron Doors

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