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2022 Best Online Trading Platform to Invest in the Indian Stock Market

by rahulpandey
2022 Best Online Trading Platform to Invest in the Indian Stock Market

Most of the previous generation considered stocks risky investments and stayed away from stocks. However, today people have learnt that investing in the stock market is one of the most effective ways to beat inflation and compound their wealth. It has led to a surge of new investors investing in the stock market. And with the launch of the LIC IPO being on the horizon, the number of investors bound in the stock market will increase. However, besides the lucrative benefits of investing, the ease of investing in the stock market has also contributed to attracting investors. 

IIFL’s online trading platform uses the latest technology to ensure that you have a fast and smooth trading experience. First, you can open a Demat and trading account with IIFL Securities for free and start your investment journey. Then, you can use the IIFL trading platform to trade and invest in stocks, mutual funds, derivatives and currency. IIFL’s trading platforms are easy to use, and it offers a lot more than just serving its primary purpose, which is letting you place buy and sell orders. You can do things from viewing a simple price chart to viewing the put-call ratio.

IIFL’s Trading Platforms 

IIFL has multiple trading platforms that can cater to the requirements of both beginners as well as professional traders. Now, let us look at all the different trading platforms IIFL has to offer its users. 

IIFL Securities App

You can download the IIFL’s mobile trading platform, the IIFL Securities app, from the Apple App Store or the Google PlayStore. The app has a user-friendly interface and gives you access to the essential features you need to trade. Along with that, it also provides you with advanced research tools. Using the IIFL securities app, you can trade from anywhere with just a few clicks using your mobile phone. Beginners and some long-term investors, who do not intend to track the markets rigorously, will find the IIFL Securities app very convenient for investing activities. 

The Trader Terminal 

However, full-time traders may prefer to conduct their trading activities using a laptop or full-fledged desktop from their working desk. IIFL has them covered with the data-driven trader terminal. The trader terminal is IIFL’s most advanced platform that lets users search and analyse different financial instruments across multiple exchanges.  If you are a professional trader, the design, user interactivity and advanced features of the Trader Terminal will provide you with a seamless investing experience. 

TT Dashboard

If you desire a simplified trading experience on your desktop, you can always use IIFL TT Dashboard. The TT dashboard is IIFL’s research-based solution to offer simplified investing on a laptop or desktop. As a result, you can easily carry out your trading activities and receive valuable insights into your investments. 

IIFL Mutual Fund App

Lastly, if your preferred route to invest in the Indian stock market is through mutual funds, you can use the IIFL Mutual Fund App. Using the IIFL Mutual Fund App, you can search, compare, and monitor your mutual fund investments with just a few taps. The app results from extensive market research that will let you invest in mutual funds seamlessly.   

Benefits of Using IIFL’s Trading Platforms 

You can invest with IIFL securities using your phone, tablet, laptop, and desktop, starting with the obvious. You can track multiple stocks using IIFL’s trading platform. You can search for different stocks and add them to your watchlist on the platform. You can also set alerts to track stocks more closely. You can access the price charts to analyse different stocks with a few clicks on IIFL’s trading platforms. IIFL also gives you several technical indicators to help you with your Analyses. You can apply for upcoming IPOs, including the long-awaited LIC IPO, by selecting the IPO tab. If you intend to trade derivatives, you can view the put-call ratio and related market depth statistics on the platform itself.  

IIFL also gives its users access to all its market research reports. Analysts at IIFL Securities analyse companies and industries in detail in these reports. These reports can help you learn about different companies and help you make better-investing decisions.  IIFL also provides users with stock tips and recommendations along with research reports. You can instantly avail all these benefits by opening a Demat account with IIFL Securities. 

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