Archives for July 2019

Voice Changer App For Calling! Latest Hot Prank [2019]

Voice Changer App For Calling Voice Changer App For Calling! To make high-quality prank call live, this is the amazing Android app is now available on the internet. However, voice changer app for phone calls is an open source application. Comparatively, another voice changer app in call has collected higher review and ratings since realized […]

How To Hide Friends List On Facebook From Others Friends

Hide Friends List On Facebook Hide Friends List On Facebook! Privacy is one of the matters of the big concern for every single person or even to Facebook also. Where we all know that Facebook each day keeps adding new users to its own platform. So many times we don’t want to share our privacy with […]

Android Gesture Navigation! Change User Experience [2019]

Android Gesture navigation Android gesture navigation!  Google has named it as Pie. As per recent users experience this google android gesture control is handier and help to improve your work experience. It has a variant of the basic new feathers which helps to improve its user’s performance. Thought for the android gesture, it has divided […]

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