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10 SEO Principles for Beginners

10 SEO Principles for Beginners

by rahulpandey

Everyone is probably familiar with the term SEO, but many people may not know it. So what exactly is it? So what does it help in creating content? Today, SEO consultant Sydney company will explain it in a simple way, along with a guide on 10 SEO principles for beginners that can definitely be applied.

SEO or ‘Search Engine Optimization is the process of getting our website listed on the first page of Google search results. from keyword search Imagine that if an article gets stuck on the first page, more people will see your article.

SEO will help articles reach a specific target group more directly. Because it is a search from a specific keyword. It also helps to increase the number of people to access the website without paying as well.

The principles that will be introduced today This is an introductory guide for those who are just starting to study and want to try doing SEO by themselves. What should I do? Let’s go see.

  1. Choose the right keywords.

Keyword selection is very important. Because most people will find our articles from keywords. It is important to get your digital marketing agency to choose keywords that most people use to search for, for example, an article about ice cream. But if the search results for the word popsicle is higher, you should modify the keyword to match our article or use it as a secondary keyword within the article instead so that our articles are stuck on the search page itself.

  1. Put keywords in the title of the article.

Because the title of the article is what will appear on the search page. The more keywords in the title, the better!

  1. Organize the content

Organize articles by separating content into sub-topics. And are used separately, may use Bullet to help, including writing a summary at the end of the article It will help readers to be able to read easily and understand more easily. In addition, sub-headings can also allow us to insert other sub-keywords. related to the content as well

Another important point is that the content of each paragraph should not be too long. Maybe about 4-5 lines per paragraph is enough. for more ease of reading

  1. Choose to make an article that is appropriate for the time period.

because what people search for Indicates that it is an issue that people are interested in. If we do articles related to those keywords. It may increase the chances that people will find and find our articles easier.

  1. Make an article that answers questions or concerns.

Most people use Google to search for questions. or want to find some answers Making an article as an answer or a solution, Therefore, it is quite responsive to the search of the target audience. By naming the article as a question, it may even increase your chances of reaching it.

  1. The website page must load quickly.

Making web pages open in no time It gives people a good experience when visiting our website. If the page loads slowly There is a very high chance that people will choose to close the page and go straight to another website instead.

  1. Give the URL a name that is easy to understand.

The URL name itself is also one of the indicators of a website’s credibility. Can be used in both Thai and English but should be used in English and use concise words easiest to understand Able to omit suffixes such as A, The, To, or its inflections.

  1. Use Internal and External link

An external link is a link to another website, for example, if the information is obtained from another source. This will make the website more reliable as well. You should also include internal links to link articles to other articles. of the website itself, such as links to recommend relevant articles This will allow Google to see the relationship on each page of the website. And even more traffic to the website as well.

  1. Add a cover image and an illustration of the article.

Most importantly, the article should have a cover image and a few illustrations as appropriate. In addition to helping to promote the article to be more complete. It can also increase the chances that our articles will be displayed on the image search page.

  1. Enter ALT Tex

Add ALT text to every image when uploading to the website. Which Google will read here and analyze what our image is. In addition, in the event that the image has already been uploaded, the image does not load, the Alt Text will help tell the reader what the image is

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